Act now to stop immediate threat to the Roper River

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Right now, the NT Government is considering whether to allow an ilmenite mine to take almost three billion litres of water from the Roper River catchment each year and build a massive eight billion litre capacity dam – the equivalent to 3,200 Olympic pools! 

The Roper supports local communities' livelihoods, culture, tourism, and fishing. Wet season flows are essential to the health of endangered turtles and dugongs, barramundi, prawns and crabs in the Gulf of Carpentaria. The flows replenish its floodplains and top up aquifers which help sustain the Roper during the Dry and feed the famous Mataranka and Bitter Springs.  

We need the Lawler Government to: 

  • Reject Australian Ilmenite Resources’ proposed water licence application and permit to interfere with a waterway.
  • Ensure that no more water is taken from the Roper River until the health of the wider basin can be appropriately protected.
  • Outline the specific measures it will take to listen to communities and protect rivers in its upcoming water reforms including a new Water Act.

Take action now. Tell decision makers Territorians don’t want any more water taken out of the Roper, starting with the rejection of this water licence application. 

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Send your message to the Controller of Water Resources, Hon. Kate Worden MLA, Minister for the Environment and Water Security
cc: Hon. Selena Uibo MLA, Member for Arnhem.