Protect the lifeblood of our Territory Rivers

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The future of our rivers are at a crossroads, with plans by big business to take huge amounts of water for cotton, fracking and mining.

The NT Government has just released a draft plan that is supposed to protect our rivers and water.  But their plan doesn’t offer anything that would give real protection to our rivers – instead proposing the same water management systems that have led to the demise of the Murray-Darling.

Now is the time to have your say. Tell the Government that any plan that doesn’t protect iconic free-flowing rivers is not good enough.

Healthy rivers are central to the Territory way of life. Along with groundwater systems, our rivers are important for providing drinking water, food, jobs and underpinning culture. 

The plan acknowledges this.  But offers no solutions to protect these values.

‘Our major rivers remain free-flowing, continuing to support the oldest culture in the world and providing a home for unique species and largely intact ecosystems’ – Draft Territory Water Plan 2022

The Northern Territory Government isn’t doing enough to protect our rivers. They are planning to allow more extraction during the wet season, which we know will lead to a rush of new dams on floodplains- all to feed thirsty industries like Big Cotton.

Our iconic rivers are already under pressure and there is no more water to take. It’s vital we get this right from the start. That means strong protections for the rivers and groundwater systems that make the Top End so special. 

Call on the NT Government to guarantee the health of our rivers and groundwater.

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