Protect the iconic Roper River

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The Fyles Government is currently considering an application by Roper Plains Station (Stylo Station) to bulldoze 450 hectares near Mataranka Springs in Elsey National Park. 

The proposal would also allow 5800 megalitres of water to be extracted each year from groundwater systems – equivalent to 2300 Olympic-sized swimming pools – risking the future of the free-flowing Roper River.

The government know the risks. In 2013, when this water license was first proposed, Natasha Fyles said:

There would be very substantial impacts on Elsey National Park and the Roper River as a direct consequence of the water extraction licence for 5800 ML per year“. (22 August 2013). 

They knew it wasn’t ok back then, and with your encouragement they can get this right again. Before a decision is made, it’s crucial the Fyles Government hears from you.

The Roper River shouldn’t be put at risk! 

Why you should act now

  • Bulldozing this land and taking this extra water could seriously impact significant groundwater dependant ecosystems. Reduced flows could affect the environmental, cultural, and recreational values. 
  • Taking water from the river system could impact water quality and drinking water supply for communities downstream, including Ngukurr. 
  • The mighty Roper River is one of Australia’s most spectacular free-flowing, tropical rivers. It encompasses the unique thermal pools at Mataranka and Bitter Springs in Elsey National Park which are loved by locals and tourists alike.  
  • The Roper River is the lifeblood for Limmen Bight Marine Park. Its flows are essential for the health of threatened species like turtles and dugongs, as well as barramundi, prawns and crabs in the Gulf of Carpentaria. 
  • The river basin contains 130 registered Aboriginal sacred sites. The river and surrounding landscape have cultural significance for many communities. 

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  • Hon. Natasha Fyles – NT Chief Minister
  • Hon. Lauren Moss – NT Minister for the Environment
  • Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security
  • Hon. Tanya Plibersek MP – Federal Minister for the Environment and Water