The Roper River is under threat like never before

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The mighty Roper River is one of Australia’s most untouched rivers. It encompasses the unique thermal pools at Mataranka and Bitter Springs in Elsey National Park which are loved by locals and tourists alike, and is well known as a fishing mecca. The river is the lifeblood for Limmen Bight, with its flows essential for the health of endangered turtles and dugongs, as well as barramundi, prawn and crabs in the Gulf of Carpentaria. 

The river basin contains 130 registered Aboriginal sacred sites, with the river and surrounding landscape continuing to have cultural significance for many communities including Ngukurr. However the future of this iconic river is under threat - from cotton, fracking, land clearing, and mining.

Right now, the NT Government is considering a massive water extraction licence which would allow for 3.3 billion litres of water to be taken from the system for an ilmenite mine. That’s 1320 Olympic-sized swimming pools - every year.

Taking this much water from the Roper River could seriously impact river flows and the water quality and supply for Ngukurr and other communities downstream. 

We need the NT Government to:

  • Reject Australian Ilmenite Resources’ proposed water licence application
  • Ensure that no more water is taken from the Roper River until the health of the wider basin can be appropriately safeguarded.

Take action now. Add your name to tell decision makers Territorians don’t want any more water taken out of the Roper, starting with the rejection of this water licence application. 

Enough is enough - we can’t sit on the sidelines watching the Roper get wrecked.

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Send your message to the Controller of Water Resources, Environment Minister Eva Lawler and Parks Minister Selena Uibo.