Save Mataranka & Bitter Springs

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UPDATE: Submissions closed on 3 June, 2024. We will keep you updated!

The Lawler Government has released a plan to take huge amounts of water from the Roper system for thirsty industries like cotton and fracking.  

The plan would allow 62 billion litres of water to be taken from the underground aquifer system which supports the Roper River and the iconic springs of Elsey National Park, Rainbow and Bitter Springs. 

Here’s why you should send a message calling on the government to reject the Mataranka Tindall Limestone Aquifer Water Allocation Plan: 

  • It will mean more than 24,800 Olympic sized swimming pools of water are taken from the river.
  • Scientists have warned taking this much water would risk the aquifer and the Roper flowing backwards.
  • It could affect water supply and increase salinity in downstream communities like Ngukkur.
  • Less water for wildlife and native plants risks biodiversity, as well as our famous recreational fishing.
  • When combined with the government's surface water harvesting plan, this could be disastrous for our Top End rivers.

Together, we can make a difference. Stand with us, for the rivers, for the land, and for our future. 

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Save Mataranka and Bitter Springs

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