Malak Malak guide to fishing the Daly

21 Jul 2021

Prior to European settlement the Daly River area was an important traditional meeting place for Aboriginal people to trade and hold ceremonies. The river comprises a broad range of rich and diverse habitats supporting a vast array of species such as migratory birds, native marsupials, reptiles and fish which in turn provide abundant resources for Traditional custodians and local Aboriginal communities.

The traditional owners of the middle reaches of the Daly River and the surrounding area are the Malak Malak people, some of whom live in Nauiyu and in the downstream community of Wooliana.

The Malak Malak welcome recreational fishers to their country and have put together this great guide on how to get the most fishing out of the Daly River. Recreational fishers should respect and recognise the cultural importance of these waters to the Malak Malak people.

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