Our rivers

The Territory has some of the most special rivers remaining in Australia and in the world. Unlike elsewhere in the world, Territory rivers remain in good shape –  they haven’t been dammed, extracted, cleared and polluted like rivers down south.

The health of these rivers is important for providing drinking water, food, jobs and underpinning culture.

These rivers still flow naturally, with the beneficial floods of the wet season driving abundant breeding areas for Barra and other Territory wildlife. Wet season flows surge down the rivers, sustaining our coastal marine ecosystems, including the Territory’s highly valued prawn and mudcrab fisheries.


Credit: Jason Fowler

Daly River

The Daly River is widely regarded as the premier Barramundi sports fishing location in Australia. Tourists flock from all over to try and catch one of the Daly’s legendary trophy sized Barramundi and explore one of the most beautiful and abundant rivers in Northern Australia.

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Credit: Jack Kinney

Roper River

The mighty Roper is the Territory’s second largest river with its headwaters extending northwards right up into Arnhem Land and south into the drier expanse of the Beetaloo Basin.

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Credit: iStock

Adelaide River

The Adelaide River is emblematic of Territory rivers. This river is a Territory icon in and of itself – home to jumping crocodile tours, cultural connections and thriving wetlands.

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Victoria River

Diverse and awe-inspiring in landforms, history, heritage, abundant wildlife, climate and economic pursuits, the Victoria River is a hotspot for fishing, boating and camping.

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