Stories from the river: Mark

30 Jan 2024

I was born on the banks of this river, it’s our life blood. I’ve fought for this river in the past and I’m ready to fight for it again. This river has beautiful cold water for drinking, we must keep it that way.

This river has got everything you need. It’s got what’s in the water and also what lives on the banks, the the fruit trees, berries and what you dig out of the ground. It’s got bamboo for making spears, along with all those different types of fish and sharks.

This river is the beginning of the floodplains at Daly River. It’s important that when the river does flood, it not only cleans the billabongs out and the floodplains, it rejuvenates it. A lot of people just think water, water, water. But they don’t look at the whole picture. It flies, it hops, it crawls, it walks, it swims. Everything revolves around water.

I want my kids and my grandkids to see this river like I’m seeing it. Well, better than what I’m seeing it. Something got to be put in place to protect it.

Credit: Nick Gouldhurst

Mark Casey is a Nauiyu Elder from the Daly River

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