Free flowing tropical rivers are extraordinarily rare and our rivers are internationally significant. They are home to rich and diverse freshwater species, and healthy, well-functioning ecosystems which support local businesses and our envied lifestyle.

Our rivers are in pretty good shape, but they are under threat on a number of fronts:


The cotton industry has harmed river systems like the Murray-Darling and now wants to establish large-scale operations in the Northern Territory. If the Northern Territory Government allows this to happen, tens of thousands of hectares of bushland will be bulldozed and more water will be taken from our rivers.

Wildlife and fishing would suffer. Our fishing lifestyle, tourism jobs and cultural heritage are at risk.

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Many of our precious rivers are under threat from proposals for dams. Territory farmers, fishers, Aboriginal communities and conservationists have stood together in opposition to dams on iconic rivers.

Every dam that is built on the floodplain robs the rivers and aquifers of water.

Impacts on our fishing

Seasonal water flows on our floodplains are what make our rivers work and flow healthily. Barramundi restocking relies on these big flushes every Wet season.

If we damage our Territory rivers, we risk impacting on a multimillion dollar industry – one that contributes to the Top End lifestyle.