A warning to the NT

7 Jun 2021

Rob McBride, a sixth generation farmer on Tolarno Station in NSW, has written to NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner asking him to reconsider the Government’s support for cotton and large-scale irrigation on Top End rivers.

I am an Australian landholder and 6th generation farmer, and have seen our total river system be destroyed by greed and corruption. I please implore you to understand the greed and destruction of your rivers is imminent unless you stop the industry that will kill your children’s rivers for the future.

The Darling Barka is now all but dying. The iconic majestic Murray Cod who have been in the system for 30 million years are being forced into extinction. Your government will face huge pressure by powerful people to justify the death of your rivers, as just development potential – this is not the case. In reality it will cause the death of the rivers for all Australians in the generations to come.

Please look inside your hearts and mind ,and see what happened to the Aral Sea and the Darling Barka. Please say no to the destruction of your beautiful pristine environments.

Rob McBride, letter to NT Chief Minister Gunner, 13 April 2021
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