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Keep our rivers flowing

Credit: Nick Gouldhurst

Healthy rivers are central to our Territory way of life. But new threats are emerging to these rivers and our economies and communities that rely upon them.

We can look after NT’s unique rivers and the lifestyle they enable by properly managing our rivers and their catchments. First, we need to make sure that big cotton companies aren’t allowed to do to NT rivers what they have already done to the Murray-Darling basin.

We need to ensure our beautiful, unique and special Territory rivers are protected for future generations.

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Our rivers are the special places that make the Top End lifestyle happen. Healthy rivers are central to the Territory way of life, our economic success and our culture.

We don’t want to see what happened down south on the Murray Darling to happen to our Top End rivers.

It’s time for a different approach – one that works to keep our Territory rivers as special as the Territory.