Victoria River

The Victoria is a mecca for fishing and produces some of the Territory’s best and biggest Barramundi.

To the west of Katherine lays the Victoria River Region. Diverse and awe-inspiring in landforms, history, heritage, abundant wildlife, climate and economic pursuits, the region is a hotspot for fishing, boating and camping.

The Victoria rises in low sand hills north of Hooker Creek, flowing north and northwest across a region of hills and basins to enter the Timor Sea. Fed by its major tributaries — the West Baines, Wickham, Gordon, Armstrong, and Camfield rivers — the river drains a basin of 70,090 square kilometres.

The surrounding escarpment country is beautiful and in the wet season, waterfalls flow straight off the escarpment.

Barramundi can be caught all year round but the best time is on a neap tide, between the months of March to late May – coinciding with the end of the run-off monsoon season. Estuarine saltwater crocodiles inhabit the area in large numbers.