People on the river

Meet our champions

Credit: Nick Gouldhurst


Nauiyu elder, Daly River

“I was born on the banks of this river, it's our life blood. I’ve fought for this river in the past and I’m ready to fight for it again. This river has beautiful cold water for drinking, we must keep it that way.”

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Roxanne & Rebecca

Humpty Doo residents and fishers

“For us, more water in the rivers means more fish in the boat. We want to keep it that way.”

Credit: Nick Gouldhurst


Owner/operator Sinclair’s on Daly Fishing Retreat

"I first moved to Daly River in 1973, then opened the tourism business in 1990. I've watched the industry really take off and expand to the bustling trade it is today. This is one of the very few healthy rivers left and it's already earning big dollars for the Territory.”

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Credit: Nick Gouldhurst

Sheila & Theresa

Malak malak Rangers, Daly River

“Wali wali is the Malak name for this part of the Daly river. Water is our life, that’s our bloodline, for every living creature depends on this water. Good floods are good for all river life including our really important animals like sawfish. We're worried about our backyard!”

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Jack & Robert

Nauiyu residents, Indigenous social workers

“We fish in this river year in year out. We catch and eat Barramundi, Cherabin, shark depending on the season. We need a healthy river for healthy people. We've seen the damage they’ve done to rivers over east, we must keep our rivers flowing so my kids and grandkids can live on the river like we have.”

Naomi Wilfred

Alawa traditional owner

"In the dry season when the water dry up, we know where to go and get water. But when this cotton or fracking gonna take it away, where else water are we going to get?"

Daphne Daniels

Ngukurr traditional owner and Nunggubuyu woman

"You take water, people on the land will not survive."

Linda WIlliams

Nunggubuyu woman

"I hope the federal government listen to what we're saying about our rivers, and I hope that they speak to the NT government about it, because there's so much water that's already been taken from it, and the impact that we have from the global warming, that not many of our rivers are running well."

Clive Nunggarrgalu and Roland Nundhirribala

Ceremonial songmen from Numbulwar

"Our people always keep our culture strong, we keep everything in our heart. It's important we keep this water strong and healthy for us."

Rosina Farrell

Mangarrayi Traditional Owner

"I'm hoping the government will listen to us and stop everything. We're always monitoring things with the water and there's too much water being taken."